Tats’ CV


Tats’ CV



  • KORG Germany GmbH / CEO
    2019 we’re just getting started
  • Yadastar GmbH / Head of Innovation
    Inception and execution of projects for the Red Bull Music Academy:
    2018 Granular Convolver in partnership with E-RM Erfindungsbüro
    2018 Tats Synth online synth learning tool in partnership with OK BYE
    2017 Ryoji Ikeda – ‘A for 100 Cars’ in partnership with E-RM Erfindungsbüro
  • Korg Inc. / Chief Engineer
    2017 monologue
    2017 ARP Odyssey FS
    2016 volca kick
    2016 minilogue
    2016 ARP Odyssey module
    2015 volca fm
    2015 littleBits MIDI / CV / USB IO
    2015 volca sample OK GO edition
    2015 ARP Odyssey
    2015 SQ-1
    2015 MS-20M kit
    2014 volca sample
    2014 littleBits Synth Kit
    2013 volca beats
    2013 volca bass
    2013 volca keys
    2012 monotron DUO
    2012 monotron DELAY
    2011 monotribe
    2010 monotron
    2009 microKORG XL


Project inception, product planning, development team management

Skills in designing and voicing analog synth circuits

Mixed signal hardware design, evaluation and mass production design

Executing quality assurance and certification for sales in major global markets

Mass production PE / QC experience in China, Vietnam, Japan and New York

Content direction of promotional assets including moving image and text

Presenting products to sales, marketing, distributors, media and at tradeshows


University of Cambridge – Electrical and Information Sciences MEng